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My first Post here!

Hi all, Wabbit here. Kevin Smith fan extrordinare! We have all of his stuff on DVD - gotta love it. I especially enjoyed Dogma - as much for what I don't like about western religion as for why I like being "Pagan." *grins*

As for the current thread: This community needs some life injected into it!

So who's everyone's favorite character and what's your favorite scene?

My favorite would have to be Metatron - not only for the great lines he has (and delivered in that very velvety British voice that Alan has - Drooool!) but also for the fact that he injects some tenderness into the scenes with Bethany when he's talking about the bad points of being the Voice of God.

Favorite scene? Hmmm, where to begin? *grins* Well, the scene with Loki talking to the Nun at the beginning was priceless! Metatron's opening scene with Bethany was good too.
I loved it when Loki is carving the onion up into one little vodoo doll, and later on comes up with that corny line - "...but I do believe in THIS!" And, of course, Alanis as God! Excellent stuff, especially seeing God turning cartwheels and standing on her head in the Garden at the end.

Favorite Lines: "No pleasure, no rapture, no exquisite sin greater than Central Air!"
"You Don't celebrate your faith, you Mourn it!"
"Stop staring at me like that, people will think I'm breaking up with you!"
"Did you have to use the whole bloody CAN!?"
"Do you always cover your guests in flame retardant chemicals? It's no wonder you're SINGLE..."

There are many more fave lines, but that's a good start. It's nice to see this community here!
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