I don't understand that reference (overload) wrote in lokiinmypocket,
I don't understand that reference

Bartleby anyone~?

Heya everyone! I'm just dropping by with a small request. This goes out to all RPers out here!

Is there anyone here who likes to RP and would be interested in taking up any Dogma characters in the RP _catchphrase_? I'd especially want to find a Bartleby (as I have Loki right now), but anyone would be great!

The premise of the game is simple. Basically, all the barriers between the worlds have combined. In terms of Loki's place in this, he's based post movie, but he's been been restored to pre-movie, with only faint memories of the contents of the film. Confusing much?

Anyway, come check it out and see what you think! ^^

Hope I'm not breaking any rules with this!
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