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in my pocket

At last, a community for fans of the 1999 Biblical Epic Dogma. If you liked the only movie of the year to feature a guy in a rubber poop monster suit, feel free to post your love!

Who's a friend to the king of all the monkeys?
Who's the pal to duck who won't fly south?
Who's the buddy of the Bible-quoting aardvark?
Who's the chum of the cat inside your mouth?
He is a cow! It's Mooby cow!
Oh sweet bovine, our lives to you we vow!
We want him now, that Mooby cow.
'Cause we're all soldiers in the Mooby troops. Ka-POW!
Oh we'll all have some lovely adventures
With Surly and Pat Pat Monkey King.
And with Enoch and Little Eddie Dentures.
We'll put smiles on the grumpies as we sing
About that cow! Mooby the cow!
Who only moos when we beg and scream and shout!
Master of Tao! Mooby the cow!
With only sacred enlightenedness allowed!

loki in my pocket